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Here the various problems which we currently encounter, as well as the actions carried out to solve them :

- the dongle wifi DWL-G122 does not work correctly with the foxboard when the load network increases. That lead to a crash of the card. We thus decided while waiting for new driver to replace this one by a AP wifi mark SMC. (more details in the heading project) This issue was solved by Acme-Systems, see more details here.

The Webcam Labtec Pro was replaced by a Hercules deluxe, we carried the new drivers on Foxboard, and have no more problem of compatibility.

- We encounter problems with Micro-controller SV203, when we pollons it at 10 ms. Errors are noted, values erroneous to the measure of the sensors, and generated some noise on the servos motor. Currently the only solution was found, is add filters software. The support of pontech, us indicated that it was related to the single internal clock of the peak which is divided between the RS232 and signals PWM. Currently their only solution is to change controller for more expensive HBC101.

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