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- By using network 3G+/GPRS we obtain a global ďtheoretical" coverage at the national level. What means that we could control the robot wherever in France without constraint of distance The test carried out was initially made with an Orange chart Pro 3G giving us a public address IP. (Accessible since anywhere). In our case notebook represent the robot and it is enough to use a compatible mobile phone 3G offering the function of "modem bluetooth". We will use K800i.

- To connect the telephone to the robot, it is necessary at first to add to it the support of the bluetooth. Unfortunately (at the present time), les bin utiles bluez du sdk d'acmesystem for the foxboard are bugged and do not allow the peering with a peripheral. - You will find the procedure which I wrote to recompile ???? correctly for the fox here

- Once the foxboard ? with the new image, we will be able to correctly connect us to the telephone (see Procedure.)

- once the robot was connected in bluetooth to the telephone, it will be able to use it like a modem to connect itself on Internet. You will find enclose the detailed procedure:

Any time there are some small modifications to bring to the files configuration. In the file gprs-options, the way towards the device is not ď/dev/ttyS2 but /dev/rfcomm0 (series bluetooth emulation between the telephone and the robot).

The file gprs-connect must be to contain l'APN of connection. In the file by defect itís which functions for an Italian operator. In the case of Orange connection business service, itís Internet-company. In the case of SFR connection data itís websfr (and not wapsfr), in the case of Bouygues telecom, itís

- Once that all it is configured perfectly, it does not remain any more all to connect. A small script can fill this task perfectly. Take care to have activated the bluetooth on the telephone).


rfcomm connect hci0 <MAC> <channel> &

sleep 10

route delete default

/usr/sbin/pppd file /etc/ppp/gprs-options

- To know bluetooth address of your telephone as well as the channel on which you must connect yourselves, You can look at here (end of this message).

If all itís unrolled well, the fox is connected and you can check it with a ifconfig. You should see a new interface PPP. If you have an address IP which starts with 10, You will not be able to connect you to the robot because it's about IP private (not accessible since the outside).

- Update: SFR proposes also a data offer but doesnít offer public adress IP. The solution is of "reverse" mode of connection of the robot to the customer. The customer becomes the server and the robot becomes customer. Itís him which connect to piloting interface and not more the opposite.. This solution makes it possible to pass through NAT. The JAVA customer as well as the server of the robot and the server of streaming were modified to adopt this behavior. Go to the SVN.

Now there do not remain any more to launch your Internet navigator, to connect you on the adress IP PPP of the robot and the trick is played.

The low flow of the 3G and the bluetooth, more (additionned to) the high latent period (ping) make control less obvious but not impossible

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