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After the version wifi, we can now control the robot by bluetooth...

The server of connection of the robot was completely re-coded.
The rows of control are managed by two FIFO but there is no order of priority in the treatment:
The server makes the connection between the connections ' high level ' and the control ' low level '.
Communications protocol:

The protocol is based on a structure of data of 3 bytes: :

typedef struct proto_s {

  unsigned char cmd;
  unsigned char value_1;
  unsigned char value_2;

} proto_t;

The field cmd can have as value: :

C: We process a data coming from a sensor. In that case, value_1 is worth the index of the sensor and value_2 its value (or 0 if we make a request).

X: we send the data corresponding to the piloting of the webcam. Value_1 corresponds to the axis X and value_2 to the axis Y with (angle it degres) = ( int ) ((float ) ((float) value_x / 255)) * 180).

G: we send the data corresponding to the engines. Value_1 corresponds to the left engine and value_2 to the right engine with reverse gear < value_x = 128 < go front.

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