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Here various stages of the realization:

Currently under development

The supply power :

Adjustable regulator: Voltage of exit regulated with a small screw potentiometer (1.25 with 13V). It will be used for fed a terminal wifi, because our dongle USB currently does not function with the webcam.Fixed regulator : it delivers 5v stabilized, and will allow us to feed FoxBoard in full safety.

The Battery tester :

To make the measure of the battery, it with been necessary to produce an adapter of tension. Because the entries of the SV203, do not enable us to directly connect the battery on this one. Here the realization of a bridge divisor of tension:

Supply of Servos and SV203:

No precaution to be taken to feed the SV203 because the beach is included between 6v and 15v. However it is necessary to cut the track JP1, to feed directly servos. The controller cannot, to feed him only servos. It is thus necessary to get back the supply of the electronic variators to feed servos. (Cf doc du SV203 )

Dismantling of the AP SMC-WEBT-G:

It is enough to remove 4 skates, you will then discover 2 screws which will enable you to open the case. You must feed this terminal with stabilized 5v (max 1 amp). We meet problem to run it as a wifi customer when it is connect on Foxboard. On the other hand no problem when you use in Acces there

Dimensions once dismounted: 60 mm X 85 mm

Assembly of the Laser Module :

We realized a Laser module to equip our robot on the pan/tilt. Here is the circuit which allows to order the diode laser on the output BEC of the SV203 :

Here the result :

Laser Modules are available on ebay for approximately 4 .

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