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Description of the project :

To produce a motorized machine, equipped with a camera, and a connection network without wire, allowing to take control, with the standards of the market (in LAN or Internet thanks to a light client).

We have assembled the various following elements:

- Foxboard (the embarked PC):

- Webcam (Hercule Deluxe) :

- The motorized head for the support of the webcam:

- USB Wifi Key (D-link DL 122, currently problem of compatibility )

- AP wifi to replace the D-link DL 122 :

- SV203 (le servos controller) by Pontech :

- The 3 sensors Infra-red (Sharp GP2D12) + connector industry:

- The Battery 7,2v

- 2 Electronic Variators:

- The frame (currently 2 versions):

We used an old remote-controlled car Nikko with caterpillars.

Or if not a version dedicated for robotics, but more expensive.

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